Friday, July 9, 2010

numba 1

So! I've decided to start a blog...obviously. Never did I ever think that I would become one of those "bloggers" (not that I technically qualify as one yet) but here I find myself at 1 in the AM writing my first-ever blog entry. I think my biggest apprehensions about starting a blog were/are that very few if not zero people will ever read what I write and that would be pretty embarrassing. BUT, I had an epiphany and I am determined to write and post this blog for myself above anyone else. It will be a place for me to get down my daily thoughts and musings and just as the title of my blog denotes - the little things I bump into as I wander through life, whether they are things I find inspiring, things I'm doing, or things I think about. I also "bump into things" because of my clumsy and sometimes stubborn nature, but more often than not, the little (or big) things that get in the way of a certain path help strengthen you on the way towards a destination. Yeah, that was super corny, but what the hell. This blog is my oyster (that was super cliche, but again - what the hell). If you casually stumble upon this and find what I have to say and show interesting or inspirational, then great! If you never see this, then bummer.

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